Metallica Releases New Demo “Lords of Summer”
Metallica have finally released some new music for the first time since 2008's Death Magnetic. I'm trying not to judge this one too hard and keep in mind that it is just a demo. I'll make my final decision when I hear the finished product.
Man With Realistic Gun Tattoo Surrounded by Police
Police had surrounded his house in response to a report that Smith was armed with a gun as he was yelling at the contractors on his property. He said, "Yeah, I got this gun on me all the time. It’s tattooed on!"
Renter Comes Home To XXX Orgy
A New York man leaving town for the weekend rented out his apartment over the site Airbnb.com to what he thought would be a quiet family.  After he returned to his home to pick up his bags, he discovered that there was a plus sized orgy taking place!
Local Missoula Shows March 17 – 23
Happy St. Patty's day everyone! If you are looking for a live show to hear some local music, we have a couple of great ones going on this week! Don't let Monday keep you in for fear of Tuesday morning work. Irish or not, get out there and cheer for the 'ol snake chaser St. Patrick.
Win Volbeat Tickets : March Radness Final Round
It’s time for March Radness! You decide who’s the raddest chick for your chance to win Volbeat tickets and passes to meet the band at the SOLD OUT show at the Wilma. All you have to do is vote and you will automatically be entered to win.
Can You Believe Some of This Used to Be Legal? [PHOTOS]
Looking back, we see things that used to be illegal become legalized (at least for Washington and Colorado). Some things have taken to opposite direction and what used to be ok is now frowned upon. Selling your kids, baby cages, using real people to test bulletproof vests, my how the times have cha…
Goblins Are People Too [VIDEO]
I saw Nekrogoblikon and remembered watching the super awesome video for "No One Survives." As you watch this video, remember: Goblins are people too, and Brad is a jerk.
Weird State Facts
Here's a few weird facts about each state. Fantasy fans will love Montana's, and I want New Jersey to prove it. A few of my other favorites are Colorado, Arkansas, and Kentucky.
Cat With a “History of Violence” Attacks Family
A 22 pound cat has turned on its owners. It began by attacking the baby, and after the man booted the cat, he went "over the edge" crazy and trapped the family in their bedroom along with their so called dog (this thing is smaller than the cat)...

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