Win Volbeat Tickets: With March Radness Round 2
It’s time for March Radness! You decide who's the raddest chick for your chance to win Volbeat tickets and passes to meet the band at the SOLD OUT show at the Wilma. All you have to do is vote and you will automatically be entered to win.
Tool Kicks Off 2014 Tour at Spokane Arena [PHOTOS]
The Highway 200 detour added 3 hours to our drive. To me, this was still more than worth it, but I’m sure the driver wanted to shoot me. We fought our way through wet, slushy, rainy roads and crazy drivers to arrive at last in Spokane, Washington. Show time…
Missoula Business Throws a Party to Introduce Themselves
3-7-77 Design will be saying hello to Missoula by throwing a party over at the Dark Horse/ Sunrise Saloon. Owner and avid Blaze listener, Josh Trexler, started this new enviro-friendly print company and is inviting all to join them. Relax and check out what they are printing then crank  up the …
Dairy Queen on Higgins Open For 1/2 Price Blizzards
The Dairy Queen on Higgins is no stranger to blizzards, so they have decided to have the Blizzard of 2014 Sale! Today only until 6pm they will have 1/2 price Blizzards to help make the snow day better. If you are in the Higgins area, go enjoy...
Dirty Drawings From Your Kids
It might have been the 365 penis drawings I saw earlier today, or the drawing of the "spider rocket" (looked more like a very hairy wiener) that my roommate's nephew gave him to put on our fridge.  Whatever it was, it reminded me of a Whitest Kids U Know skit that still cracks me up:
New Heroes to Return to NBC
I remember watching Heroes back in 2006 and after the first season, I was hooked.  I loved the heroic tales with the comic book twist and I could discuss it with my "comic book nerd" friends without getting in an argument over the origins of characters like they do with the ol…

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