Slipknot’s DJ Sid Wilson Remixes Lorde [AUDIO]
When someone first told me about Lorde they pronounced it "Lord-e" instead of "Lord(silent e)." This instantly made me think made me think of the Finnish shock rock band Lordi which lead to instant confusion.
Top 5 Movies You Don’t Want to Watch Stoned
I am judging this on the scales of "What the F just happened," and "Did I just see what I think I did?" So before you and your stoner buddies get together with grocery bags full of munchies, make sure these film are absent from your lineup.
Lineup for Rock On The Range 2014 Announced
Every year, I have a fantasy that I will step on a plane destined for Columbus, Ohio and go to the great Rock on The Range concert.  Why else would anyone want to go to Ohio?  It seems like every year there are more and more bands I want to see, and the only thing stopping me from going is…
Tool Confirmed for Spokane Arena
Rumor has it that MJK got some awesome new ink, but my favorite recent Tool rumor ended up being true! I have been burned before, but it's been six years since Tool blew off Missoula and I think I'm ready to try again for another Tool concert.
Local Shows Jan 20 – Jan 26
There is only just over a week left in January, how have you spent your New Year thus far? Don't let yourself fall into couch-sitting, cat-cuddling habits now. Get out there! Here's what to look for this week.
Near Death Experiences and Close Calls You Won’t Believe [VIDEO]
Ever have one of those close calls where as soon as the shock wears off you are still in denial of what just happened? I wish I had video of any of my close calls to see if they were really that bad or if i was just being a wuss.  These people on the other hand, I don't think anyone can de…

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