Holiday Drinks To Get You Through Christmas
Ahhh, the Holidays, full of snow, cheer, and those awkward family gatherings.  If you need a little extra "Christmas spirit" but want to do something a little fancier than Baileys in your coffee, here are some ideas to warm you up while carrying you though this holiday season.…
Scary Snowman Gets Decked [VIDEO]
I love snow and I love pranks so I find the Scary Snowman very entertaining.  If you have never heard of this, a couple friends got together back in 2011 and staged one of them in a snowman suit. They have been scaring the crap out passers by ever since...
Tool Front Man Wrestles Fan on Stage [VIDEO]
Maynard James Keenan, front man for Tool/APC/Pucifer, man of mystery, and wrestler? It's true! Recently MJK returned to his old High School to help prep the wrestlers for an upcoming tournament. Want to see how good he is?
Local Shows December 9 – December 15
Another week, another great list of shows! I want to say a big thank you to AJ "Juice Box" for filling in for me on local 406 while I was Northward playing with my stick (hockey, get your mind outta the gutter!). So, here is what we have lined up for this week:
Anchorman Takes Over: The Ron Burgundy Craze
Everyone seems to have the Anchorman craze! It's hard to think that the original Anchorman movie was released just under a decade ago, but fear not fans, the release of the sequel is only days away.
Dimestock 2013
The Missoula metal heads are at it again! Dimestock has been the annual gathering of fans of Dimebag Darrel since 2007
Will Scary Stories Movie Live Up to Book?
The stories were old urban legends and tales of horror that were retold by author Alvin Schwartz but the drawings by Stephen Gammell were enough to stay with you far after your eyelids closed.
Permanent Eye Color Change, Worth It? [VIDEO]
After seeing Angel's blog about contact jewelry and thinking it was Emo at a new level, I watched the suggested videos and found this.  I can understand corrective surgery on eyes, but cosmetic? I think not. I dare you to watch the video without squinting...
Someone Get This Girl Some Vagisil [VIDEO]
Sometimes my roommate’s pop music obsession will drive me up the wall, across the ceiling, and down the opposite wall in hopes that I will crash into the floor causing death or at least enough trauma that I won’t be able to hear the stuff spewing out of her radio...

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