Local Shows December 2 – December 8
I was surprised at the amount of local shows that happened last week that I didn’t know about until a day before or even a few hours before they started.  I am going to have to figure out a better system for my local band stalking. Until then, if you are in a local band and you have a sho…
Man Only Answers to Natural Law [VIDEO]
What started as charges for fishing without a license ended in one of the funniest courtroom catastrophes I have ever seen. Regardless of if you agree or disagree with this man, you'll love the dialogue. The judge's reaction is priceless.
Best Roommate Prank Ever
I share a house with a very diverse group of people especially when it comes to music.  Besides me (rock/punk/metal), there is a country/pop fan, a pop/Rod Stewart/Huey Lewis type, and an "all that is metal connoisseur."  When we are all home, there is no telling wha…
Familiar Face with SOiL [VIDEO]
I have never seen SOiL play live before, but fell in love with them since the first time I heard 'Halo.' Ryan McCombs had left SOiL to become the front man for Drowning Pool for a time and luckily I was able to catch them at the Wilma...
The Fail Safe Project Returns to Missoula
Spokane's The Fail Safe Project is back through Missoula and these guys always put on a great show, and last but not least, it is going to be William "Sludge" Saylor's last show with the Corpse, so if you want to see this man kill it on ye ole violin, this is your last chance.
2013 Concert Photo Contest
This is where I need help from all of you. If you have pictures from ANY concert you went to in 2013, I want to see them!
Missoula Oil Wrestling – Womens Rugby Vs. Womens Hockey
Are you ready for the slickest competition under the Big Sky? It's going to be hockey player vs. rugby player in the hottest oil wrestling match of the year and I'm talking about the ladies, not the oil.  We (yes, I play hockey with this team) are stripping off the gear and putting on…
Win Tickets to Switchfoot’s Fading West Show
Switchfoot will be performing live at the Dennison theater on the UM Campus on Monday, November 18.  Not only do you get to watch the performance, but Switchfoot has also made a movie featuring themselves traveling, surfing, and working on the new album...

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