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Dimestock ’15 at The Dark Horse
Get ready for another awesome tribute metal show for the late Dimebag Darrell at The Dark Horse.
Saturday, Dec. 12th
$5 gets you four rockin' bands:
Black Jesus Vomit
Planet Motherf--ker
Piranha Dog
with a pink beard contest and drink specials all night...
Missoula Local Shows April 22 – 27
Another week and some more awesome shows! I love it when the weather warms up and the local music scene re-activates! This week we have everything from mind melting metal to body moving groove. Enjoy!
Local Shows April 13 – April 20
Holy week of concerts Batman! Between the Blaze Birthday Bash and all the local shows I'm going to have one hell of a week!!! I hope to see ya'll out and about this week!
Local Missoula Shows March 17 – 23
Happy St. Patty's day everyone! If you are looking for a live show to hear some local music, we have a couple of great ones going on this week! Don't let Monday keep you in for fear of Tuesday morning work. Irish or not, get out there and cheer for the 'ol snake chaser St. Patrick.
Free Metal Show at the Palace Saturday, Feb. 15
Are you a little broke after Valentine's Day? Sick of listening to your girlfriend's chick rock? Need some metal in your ear holes? You need to be at the Palace Lounge on Saturday February 15 For Arctodus, Con/sequence, and Mountain Shark...
Local Shows Jan 20 – Jan 26
There is only just over a week left in January, how have you spent your New Year thus far? Don't let yourself fall into couch-sitting, cat-cuddling habits now. Get out there! Here's what to look for this week.
Missoula Local Shows: Jan 12 – Jan 19
Sorry if there were some technical difficulties yesterday, I pushed the big red button and while I was waiting for something awesome to happen, I messed everything up.  Lesson learned: Don't push the big red button. I did however save a list of the shows going on this week...

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