local 406

The Juveniles, 2 Foot Titan – Local Shows
Forget last week, there wasn't much going on. This week however looks to be promising! There is a show almost everyday of the week this time if you include the not so local Hell or Highwater / The Used concert coming up on Thursday. What I'm amazed at is all the touring bands coming throug…
Red Carpet Devils, Blessiddom, WCS – Local Shows
If you didn't catch Local 406 this weekend, you missed out on an epic list of shows going on this week! Luckily you can check back here for them so you don't have to miss a thing! Prepare to be out and about all week!
J.E.R.C.S., Airstream Safari – Local Shows
If you missed out on the awesome party in Hamilton at Phat Tatt's, you have another shot to see some of the bands in the next couple weeks.  There are are a few this week and TONS of shows going on this month.  Copy these dates down, you don't want to miss a second of these...

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