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Listen in to Local 406 this Sunday to hear what Montespana is all about. If you want to participate in the fundraiser... here is what you need to know:
March Metal Mayhem
Alright, you guys have heard me rant and rave about this show but I'm going to tell you WHY ya NEED to check it out.
Local Shows Jan. 16- Jan. 21
Like I said on Sunday, there are A LOT of local shows happening this week! Next week is looking promising as well.
Last week I went to the VFW to see Spirit Hole (ex Volumen), The Juveniles, Throne of Lies, and Reptile Dysfunction.  Awesome show...
Farewell, Your Divine Tragedy
I think I was still in high school when I first caught a case of the YDTs.  If you have had the chance to see these guys before, you understand that this was not a "Yeah I saw those guys, so what?"  They were a "Hell ya I saw those guys...
Local shows 12/20 – 1/1
Photo courtesty of FacebookHello Local 406 Listeners! Im going to give you the shows for the rest of the year. Next Sunday happens to be Christmas and instead of working, I'm hoping to be comatose from too many sugar cookies and hot cocoa.
This Weekend On Local 406
By: JC
Hello everyone! A strange coincidence that at least three bands that I have talked to over the last week cannot play shows because they are out a drummer. I just interviewed the band Walking Corpse Syndrome on the 4th. WCS has TWO drummers and joke about looking for a 3rd...

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