Metallica “The Game”?
Recently an old trailer and concept art have surfaced of a game that Metallica was set to release to all major consoles. How sweet would that have been? Not sure why the game was never released
Motorhead Offering Up Some Sweet Shwag
Motorhead is rumored to jump on board with the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival this Summer. They have yet to confirm or deny that. But the tour will be stopping in Boise on the 4th of July. View the full line-up here. If they add Motorhead to the bill, it will...
Vidiot: Van Halen “Tattoo”
I quote Joe Dirt on this one "Here are my favorite bands: AC/DC, Van Halen (not Van Haggar), Skynard, Def Lep......". For todays vidiot pick, we take a trip into the past and the present.
They are back. Love them or hate them. This band has had a huge influence on rock and roll...
Staind Welcomes Sal…The Drum Tech [VIDEO]
A lot of bitchin and fighting went down during the recording of Staind's new album. So much so, that after the completion of the album. Drummer , Jon Wysocki, quit. The band was left with the dilemma of "who can fill Jon's shoes". They decided to bring on Jon's …