See an Epic Entrance Performed by a Drunk Dude [VIDEO]
Maggotfest 2014 is underway in Missoula. With all the shenanigans in town this weekend, don't be surprised if you witness random acts of drunkenness. Maggotfest always brings some of the wildest characters in the world. The annual Maggotfest party will continue at the fairgrounds with live musi…
Maggot Fest 2013 in Missoula
People all over the world are gearing up to come to Missoula for the annual rugby tournament known as Maggotfest.
You Know You’re From Missoula When
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You have a minimum of 5 pieces of Griz wear.
You think turn signals and stopping at red lights and stop signs is optional.
You've worn a costume to Maggotfest.

You've been to the burrito bus at 2 a
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