Goatwhore to Play All Ages Missoula Show
Don't miss their all-ages show at the Palace on May 5. Goatwhore will supply your death metal fix, and Black Crown Initiate hits with a more progressive tech/death that I cannot get out of my head!
Goblins Are People Too [VIDEO]
I saw Nekrogoblikon and remembered watching the super awesome video for "No One Survives." As you watch this video, remember: Goblins are people too, and Brad is a jerk.
Free Metal Show at the Palace Saturday, Feb. 15
Are you a little broke after Valentine's Day? Sick of listening to your girlfriend's chick rock? Need some metal in your ear holes? You need to be at the Palace Lounge on Saturday February 15 For Arctodus, Con/sequence, and Mountain Shark...
Mega Hardcore Country Music – Conway Twitty Death Metal [VIDEO]
Personally I am not a fan of country music. It is hard to live in Montana and not be subjected to it every day. I can, however, tolerate the old school country. Artist like Cash and Haggard (f.y.i. Merle Haggard is performing live in Missoula Jan 24th - get tickets) are the only exception to my disl…
Metal & Rap Take The Battlefield
Metal Vs Rap! Who wins. We will find out this weekend as Metal fans take on Rap fans in the EA game Battlefield. According to
"Video game innovators EA will be hosting a once in a lifetime event in the digital realm of the wartime first-person shooter game ‘Battlefield 3..…
Vidiot: Twisted Sister “Heavy Metal Christmas”
"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, A tattoo of Ozzy." That is the kind of lyrics that Dee Snider spits in this rendition of "The 12 days of Christmas". It is cheesy as hell, but what else would you expect from the notorious head bangers Twiste…
11.11.11 National Metal Day–Horns Up!
So about a month ago I started hearing about National Metal Day and I'm like what the Hell?  Did I get too drunk last year and miss that this official American holiday exists?  Did an email from Satan accidentally go to my spam folder?

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