Independent Film “Nebraska” Based On a Montana Family
I sometimes find myself in a vortex of watching videos on YouTube. A lot of the time, it can be worse than watching the Discovery channel. I stumbled across a movie trailer for an independent film called "Nebraska," and noticed immediately that the plot revolves around a family fro…
Will Scary Stories Movie Live Up to Book?
The stories were old urban legends and tales of horror that were retold by author Alvin Schwartz but the drawings by Stephen Gammell were enough to stay with you far after your eyelids closed.
Win Tickets to Switchfoot’s Fading West Show
Switchfoot will be performing live at the Dennison theater on the UM Campus on Monday, November 18.  Not only do you get to watch the performance, but Switchfoot has also made a movie featuring themselves traveling, surfing, and working on the new album...

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