Where to Ring in 2012
The New Year's Eve event line-up in Missoula is chock-full of fun and entertainment. Here's the rundown of what's going on.
Vidiot: Metallica “One” [VIDEO]
It is time for the second of many post where I feature a music video each day. These are videos that I feel you must see. Granted you may or may not have seen them before. I urge you to take a time out and enjoy each days pick. Even if you have seen them before...
MTV Celebrates 30 years Today. Enjoy New Beavis and Butthead
8/1/1981 MTV Was born. Years later two young boys from Texas changed the face of Music television with a half hour of dumb comedy and music videos. Beavis and Butthead will be back 10/27/2011 with new episodes. Enjoy a sneak peak.
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Listen To New Beastie Boys Right Here!
It's been a long time since the Beasties released a new album. "Hot Sauce Committee" was set to drop in September of 09, but Adam was diagnosed with Cancer. (sidenote: this is a valid reason for a band to push back an album release date. Drug problems/overdose, divorce, band…