Crab Critters on Missoula Mars Rock?
Somebody get a small comb and topical cream, Missoula might have crabs. Conspiracy theorists belive they have spotted a "crab creature" in a recent photo taken from the Curiousity Rover on Mars. NASA is currently exploring a rock outcropping called "Missoula," and…
Was “One Small Step” a Lie?
If you haven’t heard already, apparently Neil Armstrong lied about having not preplanned the phrase “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil had always insisted that he came up with the phrase after he landed on the moon. Neil’s brother however,…
NASA Says The World Will Not End Tomorrow
People have been freaking out about the end of the Mayan calendar for years. Well that day arrives tomorrow, and we are still alive. NASA recently tried to put our minds at rest by debunking all of the 2012 apocalypse scenarios.

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