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Win Tickets to Switchfoot’s Fading West Show
Switchfoot will be performing live at the Dennison theater on the UM Campus on Monday, November 18.  Not only do you get to watch the performance, but Switchfoot has also made a movie featuring themselves traveling, surfing, and working on the new album...
AC/DC set to Release a New Album in 2013
The legends from "down under" have been at it for a long time. 2013 actually marks their 40th anniversary. To commemorate the big "Four OH", AC/DC has announced they will be releasing a new album and following it up with a tour.
Tenacious D “Rise Of The Fenix” – Vidiot
The dudes from Tenacious D are making their way back on to the scene with a new album. "Rise Of The Fenix" is scheduled to be released next Tuesday (May 15th). I am stoked to hear what these two geniuses came up with this time. It is considered their comeback album and the video features t…
Soundgarden “Live To Rise” – Vidiot
Yeah! I'm hooking up 2 Soundgarden Vidiots back to back! Don't judge me. Let's face it, I am STOKED for the new Soundgarden album to be released this fall. We have been waiting 16 years and they finally "throw us a bone." They recently released the video for their first single in 16 years …

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