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Metallica Releases New Demo “Lords of Summer”
Metallica have finally released some new music for the first time since 2008's Death Magnetic. I'm trying not to judge this one too hard and keep in mind that it is just a demo. I'll make my final decision when I hear the finished product.
Otherwise Offer New EP ‘Enjoy the Pain’ for Free Dowload
You know these Las Vegas rockers from their release "Soldiers." They have been working hard on some new music and now, Otherwise is letting their fans have it for free!  'Enjoy the Pain' has seven new tracks and they are offering the EP to their fans as a free downlo…
Vidiot: Foxy Shazam “I Like It”
I can't help but bob my head a little when this song airs. It is one of those instances when I look around to make sure nobody can see me jamming out. Think of it as "dance around in your underwear music." I am not sure what drew me to watch the video...
Saliva Premiere New Single ‘All Around the World’
Saliva recently announced that they found a new singer by the name of Bobby Amaru to replace their former frontman Josey Scott. Now, the band has unleashed a new single ‘All Around the World,’ which is being premiered on the website of FMX 94.5 in Lubbock, Texas.
Vidiot: Crossfade “Prove You Wrong”
If you think way back to 2005, you may remember seeing these guys live for the "Blaze Birthday Bash". They teamed up with Strata for a show at the Wilma. Today they are on to their 3rd studio album titled "We All Bleed".
Back in 2008, Crossfade was cut from the Col…
Vidiot: RHCP “Look Around”
The dudes from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have been keeping it "funky" for almost 30 years now. With their recent release of their 10th studio album "I'm With You", they are keeping the funk train rolling. Flea is still the master of the bass and Anthony…
Vidiot: Mastodon “Dry Bone Valley”
Mastodon is already known for being kind of a weird. Their music can be categorized as something you may have on your play list while you are "trippin balls". Well, you better get a helmet because their new video will blow your friggin mind...

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