Tool Kicks Off 2014 Tour at Spokane Arena [PHOTOS]
The Highway 200 detour added 3 hours to our drive. To me, this was still more than worth it, but I’m sure the driver wanted to shoot me. We fought our way through wet, slushy, rainy roads and crazy drivers to arrive at last in Spokane, Washington. Show time…
2013 Concert Photo Contest Winner!
Congratulations Per Carlson!!!
Per is our winner of the 2013 Concert Photo Contest!
2nd place: Bobbi Brooks
3rd place: Trina Otterbeck
Sasquatch! Music Festival 2013 Photo Recap
This year's Sasquatch! Music Festival kicked off with a bang! Well ... OK, the weather wasn't exactly cooperative, as it rained on Friday and most of Monday, but that didn't stop thousands upon thousands of concertgoers from enjoying four days (May 24-27) of awesome music at the Gorge Amphitheater, …
6th Caption It! Contest and This Week’s Voting
Congatulations to "Scott Montana Pool Player" for winning last week's Caption It! Contest!
 ‎"Crap they're back already remember we were asleep the cat must have done it"
Scott just won an autographed Shinedown photo!
Remember that whoev…
Photo Collection Shows Faces of War
In this collection of soldier portraits taken over the course of one unit's tour of duty, the faces tell the story of how war affects those closest to the action.
Missoula Celebrates Winter (Finally!) [PHOTOS]
First, the City of Missoula's street plowing priority plan...
Snowboarders, praying to the snow gods finally panned out. Winter finally hit Western Montana today. In celebration, we asked you to submit your best snow pics...

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