Puscifer “Conditions Of My Parole” – Vidiot
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MJK! Today marks the birthday of the musical mastermind, Mr. Maynard James Keenan. Known for his work with Tool and A Perfect Circle, MJK is also behind the twisted antics of Puscifer. Today we celebrate MJK's 48th Birthday the way he would... In a 14ft Airstream Trailer.
Angel’s Rock Report–Durst Sitcom, Metallica [AUDIO]
Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has, um, conquered the worlds of music and film directing so far -- and his next target is TV sitcoms. He's signed with CBS for a half-hour comedy project which he'll star in and produce. The untitled comedy, which at one point had, what would have been the appropriat…
Angel’s Rock Report–Rancid, Deftones, Puscifer [AUDIO]
Rancid singer-guitarist Tim Armstrong will launch an online series October 21st on Vevo. Tim Timebomb's Rock N' Roll Theater will feature Armstrong as "today's punk rock Rod Serling, leading and narrating suspenseful episodes with a variety of special guest actors and musicia…