Rad Dad Father’s Day Contest 2016
We are looking for dads that are not afraid to spend quality time with their kids. For example, the dads that play dress up with their daughters, show their sons how to ride a dirt bike or love teaching their kids proper hunting ethics.
Dadholes – Father’s Day [NSFW VIDEO]
We hope that all you RAD DAD's had a kick ass Father's Day. Mine consisted of shooting guns and drowning bait, which makes for a well rounded Father's Day. It could have been worse. Check out the latest edition of the Dadholes saga, Father's Day edition...
A Salute To All Dads This Father’s Day [VIDEO]
Father's day is almost here, and from my experience, Dads are a little easier to please than Mom. Sometimes all you need to do is just show Dad he is appreciated. Even if it is as simple as purposly falling for the "pull my finger" trick. Check out the following "Fath…
Rad Dad 2015 – Vote Now
We received some very fun and unique Rad Dad submissions this year, we really enjoyed looking through your photos.
Dadholes [VIDEO]
Dying is easy. Being a DAD is hard. But at the end of the day it is worth it. No matter how much that little "curtain climber" drives you COMPLETELY F@#KIN INSANE...... Thankfully, you are not alone. There are guys out their in the same situation as you are...
Rad Dad – Father’s Day 2015 [CONTEST]
It is that time of year again. Time for the third annual Rad Dad photo contest. We recently thanked mom for giving us life, and crowned this year’s hottest mom in western Montana. Now we f...
RAD DAD 2014 – And the Winner Is………..
The voting for the 2nd annual Rad DAd Father's Day photo contest has come to a close. And after tallying the votes, we have determined that the dad who has earned the title of the "coolest dad in western Montana."
Shopping For Dad? Check Out the Father’s Day Shopping Prank [VIDEO]
Let's face it. Shopping for dad is way easier than shopping for mom. A recent study has actually shown that americans spend $7 billion dollars less on Father's Day gifts than on Mother's Day gifts. Probably because flowers are more expensive than a tie or a 12 pack of beer...

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