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Royal Bliss Returns to the Luck Strike
That's right Missoula! Royal Bliss returns with their new album "Waiting Out The Storm" and will be at the Lucky Strike Casino on Thursday, October 4.  Joining them will be locals 2 Foot Titan and High Voltage. This is one of the shows I listed as "Bands I want t…
J.C.’s iSIDE – Royal Bliss
J.C.'s iSIDE brought to you by the Lucky Strike Casino, home of the Blaze Special, and where you want to be on October 4!
Made my day to get an email saying that Royal Bliss is going to be here October 4th! Make sure you are at The Lucky Strike Casino for these SLC rockers...
Interview w/ Neil of Royal Bliss [AUDIO]
For those of you who missed it, I was able to talk to Neal Middleton of Royal Bliss yesterday.  We talked about the new album, the tour, his appearance on The Voice, and what Royal Bliss' plans are now. Enjoy!
Interview with Neil Middleton Tuesday, Feb 7
Watch Neal's performance for you…

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