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Want backstage to meet Shinedown, Adelita's Way, and In This Moment? That's right! ALL THREE BANDS!!!! Here is what you have to do:
Shinedown Bull-y – Bull Riding at the Dark Horse [Photos]
Round and round we go. On Wednesday at the Dark Horse, a bunch of wild Blaze listeners showed up to try and tame the mechanical beast. The riders who could stay on the longest, rode home with a pair of floor tickets to the Shinedown show on Saturday. See what happened.
Blaze Bombshell – The Hunt For Shinedown Tickets
You will have one last chance to score Shinedown tickets before Saturday's show. But ofcourse we are gonna make you work for it. As most men know (but are ashamed to admit) talking to hot chicks is difficult. Well, sack up and try not to stutter. Because on Saturday starting at 4pm. It will be you j…
Blaze Listeners Get Bullied – Pictures
Photo courtesy of Facebook Keep up with us throughout the night as I post pictures from The Dark Horse for Shinedown Bully and Metal Injection! I do have to say, pictures are cool but this stuff is so much better when witnessed in person!
Shinedown “Bully” Tonight at the Dark Horse – Bull Riding Tips [VIDEO]
Do you wanna score some Shinedown tickets for Saturday's show? Well of course it wouldn't be right unless we made you earn them. Tonight, starting at 7pm at the Dark Horse, you will have your chance at hooking up some floor tickets for the upcoming concert. All you got to do is hold on to a mechanic…
Interview with Adelitas Way
If you missed the interview, I'm posting it here but if you miss the show this Saturday, I can't help you.

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