POV Downhill Course at Sochi Olympics [VIDEO]
Ever wondered how intense it would actually be to "mob" down the hill during the winter Olympics? Much like some things you watch on T.V, it looks easier than it is. When you look at the Sochi downhill course, from the skier's point of view, it seems a lot more extreme.
Urban Skiing in Detroit [VIDEO]
With Missoula recently breaking a 65 year old record for snowfall, it has been awhile since I have seen people enjoy the simplest of pleasures with fresh snow. I have noticed countless cars spinning donuts in the parking lot or tons of sporadic snowball fights. But how about some good ol fashio…
Ski and Snowboard Tricks to Watch for at Chamberlin Rail Jam
The Chamberlin Rail Jam is finally here! It's time to head down to Caras Park to listen to live DJs and check out the moves of the contestants as they grind their way down the rails. But how do you know which moves to look out for? Which ones are more impressive than others? We've put toge…
Skier Defys Death In Style – Avalanche Escape [VIDEO]
Thanks to the invention of the helicopter, heli skiers are able to access untouched snow on some of the most remote mountains in the world. The only problem is the untouched “pow pow” can be easily transformed into an avalanche. See an amazing video of a skier’s narrow escape from …
Current Western Montana Ski Reports
Ugh. I’m a little disappointed with this week’s snow report. Obviously, we have been lacking in the snow department in the valley, but I was hoping we had AT LEAST gotten a little snow on the slopes. There has been absolutely no new snow at any of the following resorts in the last 72 hou…
Current Western Montana Ski Report — As of Jan. 18, 2013
If you are planning on hitting up the mountain in the next few days, you want to ensure you are making the trip worthwhile. Which means, you must have good snow conditions, and preferably, fresh powder. Check out the most up-to-date ski reports for western Montana and surrounding resorts, as of toda…
Ski with Glen Plake and His Mohawk at Discovery
Glen Plake is known all over the world for his skiing skills. He is probably more well known for his crazy ass mohawk. The legendary skier will be making an appearance at Discovery ski area on Monday 1/14, thanks to Elan Skis and Bob Wards.
Ski Free with 96.3 The Blaze
There is nothing better to do during the cold winter months, then falling down the side of a mountain. It is ski/snowboard season here in Montana and we at 963 The Blaze, along with our friends at the Montana Ski Areas Association, want to hook you up with FREE lift tickets.

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