Do You Wash Your Flip Flops?
The girls here at the office have some insane conversations, I'm sure the chicks at your work do the same. The other day, in one of our more innocent exchanges, we started talking about smelly flip flops and it came to my attention that girls actually wash their sandals.
Summer Sports
My boys love sports. They play all kinds. However, we usually have a break from them in the summer and try to focus on fishing and camping. This doesn’t mean my kids still don’t want to play sports, though.
Just in Time For Summer – Car With Cool New Feature [VIDEO]
I know we haven't experienced hot weather yet, but you can rest assured it is coming soon. If this summer is anywhere close to what it was last summer, then I am rushing out to buy a new Chevy Equinox. According to the following video, it has a cool new feature that will guarantee you won'…
Smores Cake Bars Recipe
With Spring here and bonfires and barbecues in our very near future, it’s time to break out the smores. This recipe is a great way to break out the smores any time of day or night. It is one of those treats that looks like it takes a lot of time and hard work to make, but is actually really ea…
Destination Missoula – Taste of the Big Sky
Montana is one of the most incredible states I've ever lived in. Just saying the word Montana makes you think of trees, river activities and wide-open spaces that are iconic to the Big Sky State.
But, when it really comes down to it, the people themselves are what truly make the state unique.
Natural Ways to Heal a Sunburn
With the summer in full swing and 90 degree temperatures knocking on our doors almost every day, a sunburnis almost an inevitability. There’s not much worse than spending time enjoying a Montana summer day, only to find you look like a Maine lobster.

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