The Blaze Rock Mob

Cannastrips – Stoner Moment [VIDEO]
What will they think of next? As we get closer to the (fingers crossed) legalization of marijuana. Scientist have devised another way for medical marijuana patients to medicate. Some of the arguments against medical marijuana have been about the consumption of the medication. Smoking it isn't the he…
Angry Grandpa vs CiCi’s Pizza – Stoner Moment [VIDEO]
When Freemo's was still open, it used to be the mecca for those stricken with a serious case of "the munchies." CiCi's pizza is a chain a lot like Freemo's. It offers up a buffet of pizza, salad and pasta. You can even make a special request on specific types of pizza you would like. For t…
Introducing the New Rock Mob
We at 96.3 The Blaze have been working long and hard on the brand new The Blaze Rock Mob VIP club (Formally known as Blaze University) and are excited to announce it has launched.