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Missoulians Line Up to Claim Chairs From the Historic Wilma Theater
When it was announced that the Wilma would be offering up their ancient, stained, broken down chairs up for grabs as they close for renovations, we thought we'd be the only Missoulians who would actually show up to claim such tainted, stinky ruins. Turns out, we weren't the only locals who…
Interview with Ryan of Highly Suspect
Highly Suspect opened the Wilma Monday night for Chevelle and now they have plans for Lalapalooza and a new record! I was able to catch up with drummer Ryan Meyer, here's what he had to say:
Are You Ready for Devil You Know [VIDEO]
You might recognize this man, he has been to Missoula a couple times now and will be back April 19th to open for Black Label Society. This Is Howard Jones, the former lead vox for Killswitch Engage and the current front man of Devil You Know.
Opening Bands For Black Label Society in Missoula
You have been waiting for long enough to hear the opening bands for Black Label Society when they play the Wilma on April 19 for our 14th Birthday Bash. Now, your patience has payed off. Allow me to introduce your supporting acts:
Who is Playing With Reel Big Fish in Missoula?
I know you all are super stoked to see Reel Big Fish, but how much do you know about the other bands playing that night? Let me introduce you to The Maxies, The Mighty Mongo, and Suburban Legends.
The Maxies
Slightly off center and invading from Greenland The Maxies will be at the Wilma Sunday night..…
Shpongle Live in Missoula [CONCERT]
I admit, when we received the information about this show, I had to go to my tripper fire hooper friend and ask about Shpongle. After squeals of delight, she explained that it's a psychedelic show with plenty of fun visuals.
Familiar Face with SOiL [VIDEO]
I have never seen SOiL play live before, but fell in love with them since the first time I heard 'Halo.' Ryan McCombs had left SOiL to become the front man for Drowning Pool for a time and luckily I was able to catch them at the Wilma...

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