universal choke sign

Local Shows Coming Up in Missoula
This weekend on Local 406, our hour long local music showcase that you can hear each Sunday at 5pm, you can hear Walking Corpse Syndrome, Thee Infernals from Kalispell, Universal Choke Sign, Blessiddoom & more. As usual, you can get your band on the show by emailing AJ, he's filling in until JC …
Universal Choke Sign Gets Their Very Own “Shreds” Video
Have you seen any of the "shreds" videos? If not, they are hilarious. Basically a room full of musicians take a video from a band and mute the audio, while adding what they feel the band is playing/singing about. UCS recently acquired their own "shreds" video.
Win This Sick Custom Guitar From Kronos Kustoms
963 The Blaze have teamed up with Kronos Kustoms and Rocky Mountain Hardcore to bring you the Jagermeister Monster Mash on Thursday (10/25). The show is FREE but you may want to bring some cash in order to hook up a raffle ticket and win this gorgeous custom guitar from Kronos Kustoms.

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