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Texas Hippie Coalition Plays The Palace
We were down at The Palace, were you? Just in case you were $12 short or have a bad reaction to awesome, or maybe had a few too many at the bar and are still a little hazy on what you witnessed that night... we have the photos to remind you...
Texas Hippie Coalition “Pissed Off and Mad About It” – Vidiot
It has been a long time since I have hooked up a Vidiot feature. I am bringing it back. Today we start with one of my favorites from THC. Texas Hippie Coalition's "Pissed off and mad about it." Performing LIVE tomorrow (10/2) at the Palace with Universal Choke Sign.
Texas Hippie Coalition In Missoula
Take some Pantera and BLS and add a little Waylon and Willie and what you get is THC. Currently on tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Shooter Jennings, Texas Hippie Coalition makes a stop in Missoula at the Palace Tuesday October 2nd. Teaming up with Universal Choke Sign, this show is guaranteed to kick y…
UCS And Ambedext “Streets Rock” [VIDEO]
Our Hometown Homeboys have done it again. Releasing yet another amazing music video. Blending local Montana Metal with Zootown Hip Hop. Ambedext Eastwood lays down some rhymes that would make Dr. Dre stutter. While  the boys from Univeresal Choke Sign back him up with some meaty metal.
Universal Choke Sign “Bogart” – Vidiot
On this 4/20 holiday we celebrate the "Happiest Day Of The Year." Kronos Kustoms will also be celebrating their 1st Birthday tonight at the Dark Horse. We will be enjoying live music from A Balance of Power, Rikshaw, Fallen is Babylon and, our "Hometown Homeboys", Universal Choke…
Happy 4/20 Blazers!
Holy crap! Our resident stoner called in sick today, you HAVE to hear this voice mail.
Vidiot: Universal Choke Sign “Idol Hands”
Gotta give these guys my top pick for 2011. They have worked so hard this year. The local dudes from Missoula have made huge strides in their career. Back in February, they opened for Drowning Pool as part of the "Blaze Birthday Bash Hangover Party"...
Blaze NYE Party
Two commonly asked questions at The Blaze this week:
1.  "Are you still on vacation?"  And that converstation usually continues this way-- "No, why?"  "Because you smell like booze and beef jerky"  "Well I did eat…
UCS Vs. Ambedext
Check THIS shit out. A couple of weeks ago Cherie from Demonlily texted me saying Universal Choke Sign did a song with Ambedext at the Andre Nickatina show at the Wilma, and I'm like what the eff are you crazy a-holes up to NOW!? As you know, UCS are totally down for whatever, they're ba…

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