The Budweiser Donkey?
Who doesn’t love the Budweiser Clydesdales? They are pretty hard not to love. These beautiful animals are a symbol of strength and tradition. They were first introduced in 1933 to celebrate the repeal of the Prohibition. The first team of Budweiser Clydesdales carried the first case of post-pr…
Goats Yelling Like Humans
Most pet owners are positive that their animals understand them. They often treat their pets like a member or the family. I own three dogs and I am no different.
True Montana Pole Dancing
Have you ever been to a strip club? Well, I have not. So, I have often wondered what really goes on inside those places. No doubt they are filled with scantily clad ladies twirling their unmentionables and throwing them into a crowd of jeering men...
Guy on a Buffalo
Living in Montana we are surrounded by nature and some of the most beautiful wildlife that you can find in North America. Montana also has a rodeo tradition in which people ride some pretty terrifying animals, from bucking broncos, to steer riding and even bull riding...

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