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Vidiot: Static X “Tera-Fied”
It is not only concert day here in Missoula. But it is also Fat Tuesday. What ususually comes to mind when you think of Mardi Gras? Beads, drunks in purple/yellow, "hurricane" booze drinks, and women flashing their "sweater puppets." Well tonight we may just get t…
Make Your Hair Look Like Wayne Static’s
As we are getting geared up for tonight's Wayne Static show at Monks. It feels like time is slowly ticking away and taking forever to reach 7pm. To pass the time, I felt I would post a video for all to enjoy.
When we think of "Static" we think "Electricity...
Vidiot: Static X “Push It” Live
Counting down the hours before Wayne Static destroys downtown Missoula. Performing LIVE tomorrow night at Monks on Ryman. VERY few tickets left. They are available for a limited time at Rockin Rudy's and Ear Candy Music for $20.
For today's Vidiot pick, I give you an idea of what to e…
(Wayne) Static Magic Tricks
The anticipation of the upcoming show in Downtown Missoula is killing me. Wayne Static will be performing LIVE at Monks Bar on Ryman Street. Not only is it a LIVE performance at a local bar. But it is also "Fat Tuesday". Mardi Gras is known for its crazy exploits, as it is the last…
Vidiot: Wayne Static “Assassins Of Youth”
If you haven't gotten your ticket for Tuesday's show. Slap yourself in the mouth. This is gonna be EPIC. Wayne Static is gonna rock Downtown Missoula! Time is ticking for you to get your guaranteed admission to the show. Pick up your tickets TODAY at Rockin Rudy's or Ear Candy for onl…
Maulers Need Your Help!
Not to toot my own horn, but I was awesome last night!  Two Glacier Hockey League players were chosen to compete for Wayne Static tickets during last night's Mauler's game against the Billings Bulls.
Vidiot: Static X “Cannibal”
Getting pumped for the upcoming Wayne Static show? Me TOO!!! Wayne is a cool mutha effer! The promoter for Tuesday's show, at Monks, has told us that Wayne plans on hooking up a s#!t load of your favorite Static X jams. Today I felt the urge to share with you one of my favorite videos from Stat…
Wayne Static’s Dog [VIDEO]
Getting excited for the upcoming show at Monks. Let's list off the reasons why this show will be RAD!
1) Wayne Static rocking so hard you mess your drawers.
2) An intimate setting. Everywhere will be front row (Even the bathroom)
3) $20 for 5 bands! The cure for a slow economy.
Defiler w/ Wayne Static @ Monks [VIDEO]
I'm one of those people that if you can scream and actually sound good,  I automatically pay attention you.  I was so excited to see The Agonist on the bill for  the Wayne Static show at Monks on Feb. 21, but alas, something went awry...
Angel’s Rock Report–Wednesday
Hear this morning's Rock Report here
Three Days Grace frontman Adam Gontier has announced on his Facebook page that he's completed recording sessions with the first band he signed to his new Sludge Factory label. Before the Curtain, which hails from Peterborough, Ontario, is fronted by Ada…