This Guy is Higher than You Are [WATCH]
Post by Vitor Hugo Castilho de Oliveira.
At least he's got the right soundtrack. We don't know what the cop is saying but he has to be high as Hell after asking this guy to open his window. And the guy continues to smoke while the cop asks him questions. We ...
Cop Profiles Folfer as Pot Head [VIDEO]
I have never been a huge fan of hiking, for the sake of hiking. For me, I need a reason why I'm hiking, besides just to get to the top. If you told me "when we get to the top of the mountain we will find an amazing fishing hole or a herd of elk" then I would haul ass up the hill. The same …
How They Test for Marijuana DUI [VIDEO]
First, let me start by saying "drugs are bad...Mmmkay." With marijuana on the verge of becoming legal in states all over the country, the states that currently have legalized marijuana are learning how to crack down on marijuana impaired driving...
Alligator Trained to Guard Weed Stash
It sounds like Dante from the movie "Grandma's Boy" has officially been busted. In the movie, Dante wanted to train a lion to guard his stash, but in this story, it is an alligator named "Mr. Teeth."
Wavves Star in Weed-Themed Video Game
Always game for going green, noise pop thrashers Wavves have done the ultimate in extended adolesence: they’re now starring in their very own weed-themed video game. Choose either frontman Nathan Williams (on bike) or bassist Stephen Pope (on board) to rip through three levels of drug dealing and co…

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