Missoula Contestant on The Price Is Right
There is one television show that all people would love to be on, everyone's favorite game show, The Price Is Right! One Missoula resident got that opportunity. Her name is Cassie Meyer and the show will air tomorrow (3/25/15) 9am on CBS...
Missoula’s Patricia Chesley Wins $1,000
Proof that it pays to listen to the Blaze. Our girl Trish has now officially become the person who I will be asking to buy me beers next time I see her out. She was the 25th nationwide caller today when she heard our "make some money" cue to call. She had her dialing fingers ready …
Psychostick “Beer” – Vidiot
Ahhh! The refreshing feeling of victory. Congradulations to Tyrell and Carrie. Winning Free Beer For A Year is about as cool as scoring the lottery. Good work to everyone who participated in this years 12th annual Blaze Easter Keg Hunt...
A7X Guitar Winner
Thanks to everybody who submitted a "Bat Country Christmas" story, you guys cracked us the eff UP!!  Mostly "self pleasure" type expected.  Congrats to Scott Stoll, he won with this rad little ditty which included all of the required words, which were:
Bat Country