I came across this little ditty and thought it was kind of cool. I think the site caught my eye because hotwife and I are looking at houses, and part of buying a house is decorating the thing. We're mulling over various styles, themes, etc., for varioius rooms right now, and some of the art on this site would look pretty cool on my wall.

(I'd put the naked former Spice Girl in the shower. I'd also be living in my new house alone :-) )

Anyway, you can check out all the various artists, athletes, and other public figures showing off their ink and supporting cancer research over at the Body of Art Foundation website (they're also on Facebook). I'm hoping that some of these montages are available for sale in some sort of volume . . . as of now it looks like the montages will tour, raise money at various exhibits, and then be auctioned off (read: I can't afford the naked Former Spice Girl).