Hotwife and I got screwed by the 'ol tax man this year (we owe two states and one federal government . . . meh). Since I have taxes on the brain, and my eye naturally zeros in on the words "strip" and "club," I share this tale with you:

A nudie bar in New York is trying to avoid their OWN screwing by the tax man, claiming they shouldn't pay taxes on money earned from lap dances, as lap dances require "practice and choreography," therefore lap dances fall under a state tax exemption for dramatic or musical art performance.

The state of New York says no. Undeterred, the club plans to take their case to the Supreme Court.  The story even got some love from Stephen Colbert (see the video below).

Now, if they'd just let ME write off MY lap dances like I do my church donations I'd be a really happy camper.