The 2014 Testicle Festival is officially underway at the Rock Creek Lodge and here are the photos to prove it. 

A friend and I thought we'd take a nice, innocent little trip out to Rock Creek a day before the Fest started so that we could get our Blaze banners up everywhere. We figured nobody would be there and we'd get some lunch and come home. Yeah, no so much.

Spiker, Joey, Kevin and all of their crew were out there setting up sound, minding their own business. I asked to borrow their stapler for the banners, and that's when Kevballs went ahead and accidentally stapled his hand. Oh, and that's also when Joey's tail emerged.

And then we had some balls for lunch and partied with some really nice bikers, the one in the eye patch is Leprechaun.

And then sexy ass Tatiana showed up for work.

And then boobs.

And then a kindly man in a loin cloth invited us to view his bunghole.

And then zebra.

If you're headed out to Rock Creek, don't forget that you can catch shuttles at Hooters, Stocks, Paradise Falls and East Gate Oles. Be sure to hashtag all of your epic photos with #testyfesty14 and 'have a ball!'