Earlier this week I found myself at a bookstore, asking the young blonde behind the counter where the periodical section was. She just looked at me. I explained that periodicals = magazines. The light bulb went off (I actually saw it, just hanging above her head wondering what to do, as I suspect this is the first time her light bulb has ever gone off . . . and yes, I'm totally tempted to turn this into an orgasm joke right now . .. ) Anyhoo, she eventually pointed me in the right direction. That was my dumbest thing of the week, until I saw this:

The fight's over, sweetheart. When you see one fighter laying on his back, hardly moving, the fight is over. I worked with some really cool ring girls back in my Club Boxing days (you remember those . . . the perfect blend of booze and boxing). This chick obviously wans't one of them :-)