Why yes, you are seeing a band with a DJ, a chick, a synthesizer & bongos.  Pretty much what you can expect tomorrow (8/20) at the Block Party at the Alcan in Frenchtown.  We've got 5 live bands, all very different, but all super talented ass kickers.

Here's a bit of info on each of the bands we are showcasing, click on the band names to hear what they sound like.  You'll like what you hear, you'll join us at the Alcan tomorrow and you'll have a crap ton of fun.  Mission accomplished.

Little Giants are Haley, Cody, Dennis & Byron from Missoula and sound a helluva lot like Coheed & Cambria.  I had never heard of them before last month, JC brought their demo into the studio to play for me and when I heard Haley I was like "BOOK THEM".  They're awesome.

Hometown heroes Your Divine Tragedy have been a band for a long ass time and have worked hard to be awesome enough to be booked in Seattle so often, they finally just moved there.

According to their Facebook: YDT are Todd, Pat, Jeff and ATK oh AND Kevin and Arnold the YDT Gorillas! Their influences are:  Coheed and Cambria, Tool, Finch, Thrice, Metallica, Alexisonfire, The Yellow Dwarf Theory and many many more...  And their band bio is:  Fact: YOUR DIVINE TRAGEDY wins where robot ninjas fail. Fact: YDT is comprised of boogers, booze, beards and butterflies. Fact: Todd did fight a T-REX with a cane and won. Fact: ATK’s looks did kill a bear, it was an accident. Fact: Pat did ninja chop a shark in the face. Fact: Jeff did look into the future and saw December 25th 2012 is just another date.

Alright then.

Red Carpet Devils are a new band, just stared last spring.  So I don't know much about them except that they are Charlie Cook,Jay Van Dinther, Leah Van Dinther from Frenchtown.  And they sound effing GREAT.

Ahhh, UCS.  We call them our house band.  These guys aren't a band, they're an effin' party.  And watch yourself because they can and WILL rock your balls off.  They've opened up for Drowning Pool at the Wilma and recently opened the We Came As Romans show.  How?  Cuz they're that awesome.  They'll play later in the night, after the kids have gone home.

High Voltage are Josh, Erik, Amanda, Collin, Nick, Adam & Oliver.  Here's their Bio:

High Voltage is an alternative rock band, featuring an electric combination hard rock guitar riffs and solos, powerful drumming, grooving bass, spacey synthesizer and various percussion topped off with rapped male vocals and sultry female vocals, with an occasional dose of saxophone, talkbox, acoustic guitar and turntables.

They love what they do. They are passionate. This passion can be seen at a live show, where they put their heart and soul into putting on an energetic and memorable performance. When they are not performing live at a festival or one of Missoula's various venues, they are hard at work practicing and finishing their debut album, "Mind, Body & Soul", which is due out in the second half of 2011.

With a wide range of influences, such as Muse, Linkin Park, Led Zeppelin and Metallica, the band blends many different elements together into a unique flavor of music that can only be described as "High Voltage".