You know how we do!  We countdown YOUR most requested songs of the year on New Year's Eve Day.  Hear it starting at 9am on New Year's Eve Day.  We'll play it twice back to back and juuuuust incase you're too hammered to remember the goodness, again on New Year's Day at noon.

This isn't some crappy national list, these are the songs YOU rocked out to and demanded during 2011.

We still need your help to choose the #1 Blaze Song of the Year.  Vote now!

Everybody who votes for their favorite song of the year will be entered to win ALL 96 songs on the countdown! The winner will be announced Saturday when Strip Club KC reveals the #1 song.

Thank you Blazers for your support through a challenging year.  We had a TON going on, and you guys always support and crack us up through all of it.  And we heart you for it.  Cheers to the New Year, here's to being less poor and more buzzed in 2012!!

The Blaze Top 96 of 2011 is brought to you by Kronos Kustoms (these guys do AMAZING work!) and The Alcan in Frenchtown, who always encourage you to have a designated driver.  In fact, we'll give you the number for a DD now, UCALLUS, 880-1673.