We can hear the collective disappointed groans from here...

Kayla Reep and Nicole Ramos are drinkin' FREE BEER FOR A YEAR!  Here's how this went down.

With all of the 4/20 requests, the ladies couldn't get through on the Blaze line to let us know they had found the keg, we actually found out they had it by seeing it on Kayla's Facebook. 

The epic part?  Kayla is barely 21 years old and today is Nicole's 21st Birthday....how awesome is THAT?!

Where WAS it??!!

At the corner of 3rd and Tower Street, right by the stop sign outside of that little farm.

THANK YOU to all who searched and to our sponsor The Lucky Strike for hookin' up that FREE BEER FOR A YEAR.  Next up...The Blaze 11th Annual Mother's Day MILF contest.