Wanna see a kick ass movie about a homeless guy who does porn? Local filmaker, Ryan Rundle, will have a sneak peak of his independent short film "The Life And Times Of An American Playboy" August 26th at the Wilma.


"The Life and Times of an American Playboy is an independent short film, produced in Missoula, MT. It is the collaborative effort by a select group of filmmakers and artists who share a unique vision. The project champions the spirit of indie filmmaking, while challenging societal norms."


"Teddy Lancaster is homeless. Seeking bliss at the bottom of a bottle, Teddy finds a new way to support his habit: starring in Marv Barsky's Hoboho 5. But as the production unravels, so too does its distasteful nature. Now, Teddy must face the inequities of his once-glamorous past and the prospect of his potentially short future."