So when I haven't been living at work, I've been checking out my new surroundings in the Garden City. Here are the top 5 coolest things I've seen since moving to Missoula.

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    The Food

    Seriously. There's a ton of great food here. The first thing I ate when I got into town was a burger at the Missoula Club. That picture? That's a Zootown from Zimorino's, complete with wings and a bottle of Big Sky's Summer Honey. And just so you know, I killed that pizza and wings in one sitting while watching Monday Night Raw. Bam.

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    Flathead Lake

    My mom lives in Kalispell. I look forward to that drive a lot. Not just because I know I can get some excellent homemade chicken enchiladas, but because I get to see Flathead Lake. Are you kidding me!? I cursed when I first got over that hill and saw the lake. I can't wait to take a break up there for a weekend. Or twelve.

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    This Little Girl

    She was at the Blaze Block Party in Frenchtown, hoisted atop her father's shoulders, rocking a princess dress and the most dedicated set of devil horns you've ever seen. This was during Universal Choke Sign's set. Metal. Love it.

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    The Blazers

    That picture was taken on stage at the Hinder show. Incredible. My very first show at the Wilma was a nice break-in to a show in Missoula. The Volbeat show should be a bit more rowdy. I can't wait. The Blazers I've met so far have been awesome: dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate. And they can drink. Damn!

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    This Car

    Saw this last night in a parking lot. Seriously, is this a thing here? I'm sure that the lifelong Missoula residents know this car well, but I have no idea why this is a thing. All I know is that I'm hiring this guy for my next move. Also, the "Go Griz" in the back window is a nice touch.