Party arm! Been waiting 4 years for a new album from The Offspring, now comes word from Dexter Holland that the album is complete. This is like my ears have won the lottery.

I loooved 'Rise, Fall, Rage & Grace' and spent a lot of 2008 and even 2009 listening to it over and over and over. The band actually began working on this new album in 2009 and it's taken 'em this long to finish it, so it better be amazing, although I have no doubt that it will.

Bob Rock is on board as producer again and rumor had it that super, fantastical, legendary drummer Josh Freese was on the project but that's not the case. The band’s touring drummer Pete Parada is actually behind the kit on this album.

Last month I read that the band had entered the mixing phase of the project, and according to Dexter, that is now complete.

Just waiting on a title and release date as The Offspring head to Japan for 3 tour dates. And you know they'll do a big U.S. tour, totally stoked, I'll keep ya' posted.