I was so excited to read Angel's blog this morning about The Offspring. One of my all time favorite bands have completed their new album after making us wait 3 years. According to Angel's post : Last month I read that the band had entered the mixing phase of the project, and according to Dexter, that is now complete. Read Angel's full story here.

So for today's Vidiot, I present to you a trippy video from The Offspring. Not trippy, like "Don't drink the beer out of the blue cups", but just a well put together video. According to Wikipedia.org : "It features a room with a background of abandonment or family activity at different times. The background can be seen shifting between two time lines, one where the scene is the past, where things are new and white, and modern days where it is dreary and drab. This is a clear connection to the songs lyric 'when we were young the future was so bright...' and the overall feeling of the song to be looking to what has happened since and 'how can one little street swallow so many lives'."