Black Sabbath, Slash and Mastodon were among the big winners at the Kerrang Awards in London Thursday night. The members of Sabbath (minus Bill Ward, of course) were on hand to pick up their Inspirational Award. Slash received the Kerrang Icon award. Mastodon's The Hunter was named Best Album, and My Chemical Romance was named Best International Band. Over one-million votes were cast online to determine the winners.

Just because Metallica has 800 new riffs stored up, they won't necessarily add up to an album. Frontman James Hetfield mentioned that number in a recent issue of Rolling Stone, but guitarist Kirk Hammett tells Guitar World that most of them stink. He says he's got 400 riffs himself, and "out of those 400 there might only be 20 great riffs. It'd be something if all 400 were triple-A, diamond-rated ideas, but that's just not the case. Never was and never will be. James might have 800 riffs, but there's maybe 12 songs in there."

Hammett says Metallica plan to focus on their next album in the fall.

The Offspring have finally answered the question, "Are you a punk band?" A fan submitted that question to the band's website, and singer Dexter Holland and guitarist Noodles answered in a video chat they've posted on YouTube. Noodles says, "It does make us absolutely more punk that we don't care about the rules of punk rock." Holland adds, "We're so punk, we're not punk at all. That's how punk we are."

Fans can check out how punk The Offspring are on their album Days Go By, which comes out on June 26th. Ohmygosh, cannot tell you how excited I am for this album!

Sublime With Rome singer Rome Ramirez releases his first solo EP, Dedication, through digital outlets this week.