First off, if you're wondering what a "P45" is, it's a form that one in Britain gets after quitting, or being fired from, a job. More on why a British weatherman might get fired later.

I am often asked why I opted for radio instead of TV. I mean, I don't look great but I don't look THAT bad. Usually I explain that I like the solitary nature of radio. If I screw up, it's my fault. There are soooo many people that could potentially make TV anchors look like idiots: some bozo running the prompter puts in the wrong copy (look what happened to Ron Burgundy), I go to video of a shooting, but someone in control plays footage of the local pony show. The point is, it's always the anchor who looks like a dope.


If I screw up on radio, odds are there aren't a bunch of people with DVRs waiting to put my whoopsie moment up on the Internet. Kind of like this (most of this comes from the BBC . . . what's up with the constant C-bombs? maybe it's cultural? and keep an eye out for the weatherguy in this video)