Forgive me if I'm jumping on the bandwagon late on this one, but I just wasted an entire morning at It's a site completely dedicated, not only to all that insanely idiotic stuff you see on TV (like Picnic Pants), but also to random cool stuff you don't need, but definitely want. Like this rad beer bottle chandelier.

Or this beautiful beer fridge.

We ordered this flying fun to play in with in the hallway outside the Blaze studio.

This is just pathetic. For the woman who can't find a real human to snuggle arm to cuddle. Creepy.

Snuggle Pillow? Try 'I Work Too Much And I'm Ugly And Boring Plus I Have A Freezer Full Of Lean Cuisine Dinners And I Only Watch The Lifetime Channel That's Why I Don't Have A Real Boyfriend Pillow.'

And the item that made me bust out the giggles.

So now you know why we're broke.  And why zero work is getting done at our office today.