Three defendants involved with an undercover drug sting shooting that occurred on November  27 entered pleas of not guilty in Missoula District Court on Tuesday, December 31.

KGVO News partner Emily Adamson, reporter for NBC Montana, was in district court and said all three defendants appeared before District Court Judge Karen Townsend.

"Joshua Robinson appeared first of the three defendants," Adamson said. "The 25 year-old Robinson was charged with attempted deliberate homicide and felony robbery, and he pleaded not guilty to both those charges. His bail was continued at $150,000."

Robinson was the individual who was in the car with the undercover officer when the drug deal went down in front of Gold's Gym. Robinson attempted to rob the officer, leading to both men being shot during the High Intensity Drug Task Force operation.

Adamason said the two female defendants, Jazmine Beehler, 22, and Rachelle Kolden, 31, were not part of the drug deal itself, but were involved in planning the incident.

photo courtesy of NBC Montana

"Jazmine Beehler is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and criminal possession of dangerous drugs," Adamson said. "Her bail was also continued at $150,000. One item of interest was that Beehler's attorney told Judge Townsend that the defendant was pregnant, asking that she be released from jail and placed in a medical facility where she could receive the proper care. Judge Townsend said the staff at the jail will care for Beehler for now, and said she would meet with Beehler's attorney next week to discuss the defendant's medical care."

photo courtesy of NBC Montana

"31 year-old Rachell Kolden also appeared before Judge Townsend," Adamson said. "She was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery as well as sale of dangerous drugs and entered a plea of not guilty. Her bail was also continued at $150,000."

Adamson said a fourth defendant in the case, Justin Holds The Enemy, 31, also faces felony charges in the incident, however, his official arraignment will not be held until January 2.

NBC Montana's Emily Adamson