Today has been a tough day for me. Since hearing the news of a local youngster, Cash Hyde, loosing his battle with cancer late last night, I spent most of the day fighting the urge to breakdown, and I couldn't understand why. It is not like I was close to Cash or the Hyde family. I think that his story affected all of us and was a huge inspiration of strength.

Being new to the world of fatherhood, I have a new found respect for all parents. The thought of losing my son to an illness, like cancer, is unfathomable. When I heard the news of Cash's passing, I immediately thought of how hard it must be for his father Mike.

As sad as the whole situation is, I think we should be grateful that the little guy isn't suffering any longer. He fought cancer like a warrior and it is truly inspiring to see such a little guy be so strong.

I ofcourse turned to the only thing that helps me cope when emotions get in the way. I turned to music. When it comes to Cash's legacy and inspiration of strength, I felt that Zakk Wylde put it best in his song off of the Book of Shadows album, with "I Thank You Child."