Piggy-backing on yesterday's theme of "there's a week for everything," I remind you that this week is National Police Week. Perhaps due to the holiday, perhaps not, I've stumbled upon a couple law enforcement stories this morning.

First: though the United States has a global reputation of uber-materialism (and let's be honest, we like our stuff), Dubai takes the cake. Case in point: their cop cars. Check out this Facebook page & see what they've got. The "cheap" cars are Cameros. This Yahoo article mentions three current, and one proposed, supercars in Dubai's police fleet:

Current 1: Lamborghini Adventador

photo: facebook / lamborghini adventador lp 7-400 official

Current 2: Ferrari FF

photo: facebook / ferrari ff

Current 3: Aston Martin One-77

photo: facebook / aston martin one-77

Proposed: Bugatti Veyron

I remember reading once that American cop cars are woefully inadequate speed-wise relative to cars they might be chasing (i.e., a Corvette's top speed is higher than a Crown Vic), but it didn't really matter since the likelihood of chasing a supercar flat out is kind of unrealistic.

Second, and speaking of things that might derail a police chase, check out his video from a Portland, OR dash cam (it's been jazzed up with music, but you'll get the point)

The animal lover in me digs this. The genetically-entrenched "must love dangerously overpowered cars because I've got a sack" horsepower lover in me appreciates the Dubai police fleet. Above all else, the civil society lover in me applauds law enforcement officers everywhere. Is it a perfect system? No. Do I get pissed at the extra fine for not wearing a seat belt. Yes. Is it better than living in some Libertarian (a word I usually equate with lawless/orderless) wonderland like Somalia. Without a doubt.