Gee. Thanks, Tony.
After word spread yesterday that the original line-up from one of the greatest bands in the history of history would be reuniting for a new album and tour, Tony Iommi doesn't so much deny it as he does chastise the reporter who broke the story.
Black Sabbath was my very first concert. I'll never forget that night at The Gorge. There's no way I would pass up a chance to see them again. And, if you read Tony's statement, he's not necessarily denying it either.
Fingers crossed, Blazers. If they come back on the road, I'm taking you with me. Except you gotta get your own tickets. And rides. And gas money. And food. And lodging. And everything else.
How about this: find me at the campground and I'll give you a PBR. Deal?
Loudwire has all the potentially-depressing details HERE.