Recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in two states, and 4/20 is less than three months away.  Let me add a disclaimer: I did not watch any of these movies stoned.  That being said, I am judging this on the scales of "What the F just happened," and "Did I just see what I think I did?" So before you and your stoner buddies get together with grocery bags full of munchies, make sure these film are absent from your lineup.

5.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

I saw this one so long ago I have forgotten what it was about other that the chicks hair kept changing, Jim Carry shrank to the size of a kid, and I had a hard time following the story line.  I might have turned it off out of boredom

4. Suicide Club

If you want to watch a WTF is going on movie with terrible gore effects, this might be what you're looking for... if you can muscle past the subtitles

3.Todd and the Book of Pure Evil

I am only halfway though this movie as I put this list together and it made #3. I am already wondering if I'm seeing exactly what I think I am. Favorite part so far; evil minions with name tags and an appearance from Jason Mews

2. Heavy Metal

I first watch the original heavy metal in high school and had it repeatedly shut off on me due to "content." Apparently cartoon nudity and sex scenes are frowned upon in alot of households.  Even stone cold sober I had to watch it a couple times to catch the full story

1. John Dies at the End

Aliens, shooting up "soy sauce", ghosts, killer flying mustaches, using a bratwurst as a cell phone, meat freezer demons, and so much more. Watch at your own risk, but you already know how it ends